Model identification guide: Standard Speedlines

In 1937 Parker decided to change the style of the Vacumatics. Following the recipe of the Duofolds, Parker started to produce a more streamlined version of the Vacumatic with a new filling system referred to as the "Speedline filler". The Oversize was replaced with a streamlined version called the Senior Maxima and The Senior was replaced with the Slender Maxima.

The Standard and Slender pens were also streamlined but the square versions were not discontinued until 1939. So for a brief time in the late 1930's there were in fact three versions of the Standard pen offered side by side; the Lockdown Standard, the Speedline Standard and the Major.

The Speedline Standards are most common with the date code 1939-1940 and they come with either of three distinct clips; the standard arrow clip, the debated star clip and the later blue diamond clip.

They came in the five standard colours of black, grey, red, green and brown. The streamlined Standards were discontinued in 1940, thus replaced by the Major.
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