Model identification guide: Nibs

From left to right:

#1: An extremely rare 1932 arrow nib with the arrow soldered on top (approximation only), unfortunately I don't have a true image of this nib, nor the "Golden arrow" nib of the same year (anyone?).
#2: A very rare "Parker Vacumatic De Luxe" nib that was fitted on the top line in 1933 and possibly 1934.
#3: A "Parker Vacuum Filler Made in USA" nib that was fitted on the 1933-1934 Vacuum Fillers.
#4: A "Parker Vacumatic Made in USA" without an arrow which was fitted to the bottom line 1933-1934.
#5: A two-tone gold and platinum "USA Parker" nib used on the topline pens until 1936.


#6: The 1-tone "USA Parker " nib used on the bottom line 1934-1935.
#7: The 1-tone" Parker USA" used on the bottom line from 1935 and on the top line from 1942.
#8: The 2-tone "Parker USA" nib used on the top line 1936-1941.
#9: A "Parker Vacumatic Reg TM Made in Canada" from the Canadian production line.
#10: A "Parker Canada" nib. While the US Vacumatic nibs rarely are flexible, this is not an uncommon feature of the Canadian nibs.

uring the mid thirties a range of special nibs for the Vacumatics were produced, the so called Special Purpose Point. This nib had two identifying stars (very much alike those on the famous "star clips") these nibs came in eight different styles, all denoted by a letter:
A Superfine, Rigid, Long nib.
B Superfine, Semi-flexible, Long nib
C Superfine, Rigid, Short nib
D Extra-fine, Rigid, Short nib
E Music Point, Flexible, Long nib
F Extra Broad, Fast Flow, Short nib
G Stenographic, Long nib
H Stenographic, Short nib
The nibs were of the standard size only, except G and H that was also made in the slender size. All these nibs are rather rare.

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